Ing. arch. Michal Postránecký

architekt, urbanista, vedoucí Centra města budoucnosti CIIRC

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Michal Postránecký is a Czech architect. His portfolio includes work in the Czech Republic, Russia and the USA. Since 2000 he has been living and working in the USA. He is the author of Planet Hollywood Westgate in Las Vegas, a 52-storey high-rise building, the Vegas Tower (Las Vegas, NV). Promoting the use of intelligent systems, but also the use of modern intelligent tools, a method of cooperation and sharing of information and data at all stages of the life cycle of the proposed urban and architectural structures.

He founded and runs the Future City Center, a professional neutral platform within CIIRC (Czech Institute of Informatics Robotics and Cybernetics) CTU in Prague. CMB links academic, commercial and municipal spheres. It focuses on the development of cities, their territories, regions, areas, technical infrastructures that are interconnected, urban structures in the landscape, and implementing innovative and digital technologies in their systems.

He is the co-author of the book The City of the Future (2018) and many scholarly articles on “smart cities”.

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